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Tips and Ideas

Living with incontinence can be challenging. We hope that what we have included in our tips and ideas will help provide you with the solutions you need to live life to its fullest.
Lifestyle Helps

Are you concerned about changing in a public restroom? How about traveling? Are incontinence supplies tax-deductible? Is there anything that can be done to ease the symptoms? Get tips and ideas for practical, everyday living while dealing with incontinence.
Product Tips

How does one apply a brief while standing? What are the five "Cs" of product selection? How do you troubleshoot difficult tabs? We tackle these and other product-related issues.
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Are you needing information on a specific disorder?  Are you looking for a community of others dealing with similar issues?  Do you need specialized help or support?  If so, check out our resources section.
Newsletter Archives

Check out our past e-newsletters filled with useful information, tips, and help for the incontinence community and their caregivers.    Go to Newsletter Archives>>

Not sure what "fixing pants" are? Wondering about the difference between "stress incontinence" and "urge incontinence?"  Our glossary of terms can help!
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